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Laundry Love

Laundry Love to Celebrate 4-year Anniversary!

November 3, 2014, - Laundry Love has provided over 2500 loads of clean laundry to Redmond families since 2010.

Laundry love is held on the 10th of every month from 6 to 8 PM at Cathy’s Eco-laundromat in Redmond, and this month, we are celebrating our 4-year anniversary!

Laundry Love will provide the soap, dryer sheets and quarters in order to help those in need so they can go to school and work in clean clothes.

Additionally, our host, Cathy’s Cleaners, will also be matching the amount Laundry Love spends, making the money go further and giving us the ability to serve more families. Mission church will provide refreshments and children's activities. Impact Church and the Seventh-day Adventist Church will provide volunteers.

When: November 10, 2014 from 6 to 8 PM

Where: Cathy’s Eco-laundromat in Redmond
1604 S Hwy 97, Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 728-3715

We will have cake and refreshments while providing free laundry for the community.

Angela Bacuyani, M.A. CCC-SLP

Laundry Love Redmond began in November 2010, to provide a regular opportunity for people who are struggling financially to have assistance with their laundry. Laundry Love provides laundry soap, dryer sheets, quarters, refreshments, and a place for conversation at the Eco-Laundromat in Redmond on the 10th of every month from 6-8pm.

Cathy’s Cleaners has been serving Central Oregon customers for 23 years and is dedicated to quality and service. Instead of traditional dry cleaning with chemical solvents, Cathy’s Cleaners uses Enviro Clean which uses water-based biodegradable detergents and conditions.

Cathy’s Cleaners is a member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute and National Cleaners Association. As a locally-owned company, Cathy’s Cleaners is regularly involved in supporting the community through events, free dry cleaning, job training, and ongoing partnerships with multiple county, state, and non-profit organizations.

Cathy's and Deschutes County Partner to Give Hope and Purpose


Cathy’s A Greener Cleaner creates job opportunities for people who are involved with the Deschutes County Health Services Supported Employment program. Supported Employment is a specialized program within the County’s Behavioral Health division, which provides treatment and assistance for clients suffering from mental health issues. To qualify for the Supported Employment program, clients must have a formal mental health diagnosis and be actively in treatment with Deschutes County Behavioral Health. Some common diagnoses are Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizoaffective disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. These illnesses often cause relationship issues, eating disorders, and problems with employment. Despite these mental difficulties, the individuals are able to work and be can be integrated into the mainstream system.

Individuals with behavioral health issues are referred to the Deschutes County Supported Employment program by their respective therapists. Research has revealed that competitive, gainful employment is as effective as therapy and/or medications in treating mental illness. The best results come when all three (therapy, medications, and employment) are used in conjunction with each other for treatment. It is important to remember that these individuals deal with the same stress, anxiety, and depression that many in our society do, but to a more extreme level.

Cathy’s A Greener Cleaner works with Deschutes County Supported Employment program staff to see who would best fit the job, and sometimes “job carving” occurs depending on the clients ability to complete the task physically and mentally. The client is placed and trained either by the Cleaners or can be trained by the County.

There are approximately six employees at Cathy’s that have been placed in employment. One employee in particular has moved on to attend college. When this person came to Cathy’s, they had little hope and sense of purpose-and now-that sense of purpose and confidence is renewed due to employment at Cathy’s. The clients that are placed want to be there and are grateful for the opportunity. Clients are all eligible to work full time, are responsible for their own transportation and treated as a regular employee. Cathy’s provides a learning experience for the clients.

The Deschutes County Supported Employment Program has been ranked #1 in the state for the first two quarters of 2014. The program boasts a 59% employment rate for its clients, while the state average is around 35%. The County employs three, full-time employment specialists and one lead therapist to oversee the program. All are 100 percent dedicated to the success of each client and are grateful to Cathy’s for joining in this partnership.

Cathy’s employs people in all their locations if positions are available in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters.

Dennis Loveless of Cathy’s chose to do this so people won’t fall through the cracks as he has seen many people end up feeling worthless and therefore become homeless or worse, commit suicide. He has done this through his previous jobs and wants to make sure that he takes care of his community and create an atmosphere of support and hope. His parents took in foster kids when he was growing up and he saw the value of giving dignity and a sense of purpose.

Dennis can sit down with the client’s team to coach the client and work towards a personal goal for them. It’s a process and a commitment to help them succeed.

“We need to take care of each other and be aware that anyone you see could be suffering from a mental disorder, depression and can’t find a way to cope. Hope and purpose are ways that help,” says Dennis, “Helping people find employment is a magical step towards a healthier individual.”

New Generations Fundraiser

Cathy's Cleaners is a proud sponsor for New Generations Early Childhood Development Center... Did you know they are the only State-licensed early childhood development center left in the Sunriver area!

On November 29, they will be co-hosting with SHARC their annual Civil War Games fundraiser. This event will have game-time activities for all ages, super cool raffle prizes, an auction, food, drinks, and of course, coverage of the Civil War game!

All proceeds from this event will go directly to New Generations.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this fun event, please let us know or you can contact them directly.


FAN Coats for Kids Drive

COATS FOR KIDS!! Cathy's, A Greener Cleaner has teamed up with FAN to be an official “Coats for Kids” drop- off. FAN needs coats, winter boots, warm hats and gloves in good condition for K-12 age group. Cathy's, A Greener Cleaner will clean the coats so they are in great condition to give to the child that needs it. Advocates work hand in hand with families to ensure all children are prepared for Central Oregon winters and with your generous donations, they can make sure that happens. There are nearly 5,000 families in Central Oregon that need help.

Thank you in advance for cleaning your closet and donating the clothing where it is needed the most. Cathy's, A Greener Cleaner has multiple locations in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters. They also offer free pick-up and delivery!

We can pick up your donations. Check www.Cathys-cleaners.com for location addresses and phone number. All clothing should be at Cathy's by December 7, 2014.