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Closet purge.

Start the year by clearing the old — Toss last year’s beat-up bag; 86 any undergarment with holes or stains; saggy sweaters; not-right jeans; trophy shoes (you know the ones) and anything you’ll never wear again. Donate what’s usable, recycle what you can and say hello to a fresh start.   

Fleece care tip.

Laundering your fleece sweater every six or seven wears is easy. To keep the nap smooth and soft, turn the garment inside out and wash with similar colors and nothing linty like towels. Rinse twice and air dry. Avoid fabric softeners or dryer sheets if your fleece is water-resistant. Pet hairs? Before washing, wipe down the fleece with a wet rubber glove – works like magic. 

The bottom sheet secret.

Figuring out how to fit the fitted bottom sheet can be frustrating – which side is the long one and which the shorter? If you chose a striped sheet, it’s easy since almost all bedding stripes run the long way. For everything (and everyone) else, here’s the secret: find the care tag. It’s always in the lower right corner, so start there and everything will fit, the first time.   

Hang it right.

Treat yourself to the right hangersfor every garment. Start with solid wood hangers like you see at fine clothing shops. They help retain the garment’s structure and are recommended for shirts, blouses and light jackets. For suits, choose a hanger with wider, contoured shoulders and a bar to drape trousers. A special clip hanger for pants saves space – fold garment in half and clip at waistband. Avoid cheap plastic, they only add creases. And the wire hangers? Transfer your cleaning to real hangers and bring the wire back to us.  

Holiday follow-up.

Before you stow away remains of the celebration, make sure everything is clean and ready for another year. We clean messy Santa suits, pitchy tree skirts, eggnogged lapels and almost everything else. We regret the ugly that’s woven into Christmas sweaters is beyond modern cleaning technology.  Here’s to a bright (and clean) New Year for everything else.