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Confused by care instructions?

Are you finding more and more items that say “hand wash, dry flat, cool iron only” and are not sure if you can care for them properly? The manufacturer is only required to put one process for cleaning on the label, and many are concerned about putting “dry clean” on their label. When in doubt, bring them to us for cleaning – our process is safe even for the most delicate of items, and it will make your favorite garments last longer than hand washing at home. Our professional facility is equipped with the proper steam and pressing machines to keep them looking great without causing scorch marks or shiny damage from a home iron.

Zipper zapped?

Don’t let a broken zipper ruin your favorite jacket, pant or skirt – bring them to us for repair or replacement. Our alterations department can replace your zipper and we can even repair invisible zippers with expertise—at a fraction of the cost to replace the garment. Done within a week, you will be singing zippity doo dah in no time when you are out on the town – all without breaking the bank

Ketchup and mustard stains removed

With the Fourth around the corner, remember to just have fun, even when mustard drips off your hot dog or BBQ sauce splatters from your ribs. Grin and bear it through the party and whatever you do, don’t rub stains deeper into your garment. Our expert staff and professional cleaning equipment is ready to get even the hardest of stains out – bring them to us right away for the best chance of success, and have a happy safe Independence Day.

Hosting a big Fourth party?

Most things can be washed at home, but specialty table linens and decorations, like flags and bunting, should be professionally cleaned to ensure they last year after year. Bring them to us this week and you’ll be ready to entertain with your favorite decorations bright and bountiful for your guests. Once the party is over get them back right away – grease stains and mustard spills set faster than other foods, and can become permanent in as little as a week. And don’t forget to bring us your American flag for free cleaning.

Premarital advice

It’s wedding season, and whether you are bride or bridesmaid, groom or groomsman, our expert staff is prepared to help make the day go great. We can do pre-ceremony spot cleaning and pressing, as well as alterations and fittings. After the ceremony, remember to get precious gowns and dresses to us right away – stains will set in (even those ones you don’t see) and begin to oxidize and turn color within 30 days. And if you would like to save your gown for future generations ask us about our boxing services. Even if you may want to sell the gown, those that have been professionally cleaned and boxed will have a greater value than those left in the closet.