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Are your shirts getting tipsy?

Have you noticed a dark spot at the tips of your shirt collars?  Are certain shirts, like your blue ones, more noticeably tipped, while others aren’t at all?  Did they seem to just appear, doing a “vanishing ink in reverse” trick? What you have noticed is the adhesive from the shirt’s construction finally showing through the fabric. With wear and age, the glue used to adhere the collars for a nice rigid stiff appearance can show through, and the most common point is at the tips of the collars, where the two points come together.

Ring around the…

Collar and cuffs gets worse over time. Unfortunately, these high friction points are hard to protect. Over time soil, sweat and abrasion causes the fabric to break down, making it more susceptible to discoloration and permanent staining. We take extra care in using the proper cleaning methods and pre-treatments to get these nasty rings out and keep your shirts and blouses looking their best. Remember, we’re dirt removal specialists– let us know if there’s a shirt that needs some extra help at the counter when you bring it in – we will mark it for extra TLC.

Out of the blue?

Turning pink? Certain knits interact with various chemicals in lotions, perfumes and food to name a few, and after cleaning, leave a pink spot behind.  Don’t spin your wheels trying to cover up this spotty problem; re-dying clothes after manufacturing is never successful. The dye won’t cover and will discolor everything in the wash next time. If you’re plagued by pink spots, try to identify the product that caused the reaction, and avoid it in the future.


Hang or fold?

Can’t decide when doing laundry whether it’s best to hang or fold an item? Pay attention to the design and dimensions – will the the hanger leave marks past the shoulder on sweaters? Will the weight of the garment cause it to stretch or sag when you go to put it on?  If so, opt to fold – and take a tip from your dry cleaner – fold the item over a hanger for easy organization.

Ink load

Did you forget to empty your pockets when doing the laundry? Nasty ink stains on your favorite khakis or towels? Try not to re-wash the items–the heat from the process can set in the ink permanently.  Bring whatever items you want salvaged for dry cleaning, pronto.  We have special agents made specifically to remove ink from clothes.  Take it to us right away though and tell us exactly what happened – the more we know the better we’ll do.