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Think pink.

Think pink.  It’s the color for fall, from smoky paler shades to full on bubblegum. Oversized sweats, high shine fabrics and ever-popular animal prints add drama and classics like dark floral prints, masculine tailored suit jackets with cropped trousers give the winter and fall season some depth. Look for a big hounds tooth revival, seen at Dior, Mulberry and here at Zara.http://goo.gl/URxyGZ

Get the most from your cleaner.

Our attention to detailed service starts when we tag and inspect your incoming laundry – we look for stains, tears, broken buttons, snagged zippers. You can help by telling us (or marking with masking tape or a safety pin) trouble spots and stains. Our stain removal experts always appreciate knowing what caused the boo-boo so they can use the right pretreatment. The more we know, the better job we can do.

Sustain your wardrobe.

The added wearability you get from professional cleaning is actually a benefit to the environment. Every extra use you get from a garment reduces your need to buy a new one, and keeps it out of the rag heap or landfill. Our gentle cleaning and laundry procedures add life and comfort to your wardrobe, prevent shrinking and fading while increasing the value of your investment.

Ready for vintage?

Vintage and antique garments are all the rage, but before you buy check these critical five factors:  Look for quality. Well made garments may be more expensive but they’ll be worth it in the long run. Check the fabric. Excessive heat can cause dry rot and separation, especially in collar, cuff and across the seat. Stains? Old, oxidized stains are often impossible to remove, even by experts. Sniff test. Musty odors could be from mold — look for gray or black stains. Antique body odors in non-washable garments may never come clean. Loose beads and sequins. If you’re not handy with a needle and thread these may not be worth repairing.


Keep your beauty products on you, not your clothes

According to Cosmopolitan magazine,  lipstick, foundation, and deodorant stains can do a number on your clothes, and so can that spritz of perfume. Most fragrances are alcohol-based, and the alcohol will react with a silk or satin blouse and disrupt the color. The neck’s natural body oils can also discolor the collars of suede and leather garments, so wear a scarf as a buffer.