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The three B’s.

Freshen your wardrobe this season without breaking the bank. Think Buttons, Belts and Bags.  It’s all about accessories this spring and summer.  And don’t be afraid to go BIG with your “B” statement.  Standing out never looked so good.  Match a shiny large belt buckle to a great handbag to make a shirtdress from last season look brand new. Go button shopping and bring them to us to update your favorite blazer, skirt or shirt. Check out Michael Kors’ spring/summer 2013 runway show for great new ideas at http://youtu.be/m40EdgpZK3s

Caution: laundry overload.

If your home laundry isn’t quite as clean as you like, the most likely culprit is overloading.  Laundry detergent is formulated to lift dirt and keep it from re-depositing on the clothes.  However, if the machine is over filled, there’s just not enough water to prevent “redep” of soil and dyes.  Take bulky items, like comforters, to a jumbo Laundromat machine (or to us) to make sure they get clean. Don’t ever fill your home washing machine to over 75% capacity — it’s not built to handle it.

Is there a Woolite® conspiracy?

It seems most every item you buy has a care label that reads “hand wash.”  Labeling laws only require listing one method of cleaning, and “hand wash” is more acceptable to retailers than “dry clean only.”  Sadly, hand washing requires your time, fussy handling, a large sink, and air flow and low moisture levels for gentle drying. Finishing is even more trouble — home irons just can’t press properly on cool settings.  If the label says “hand wash,” usually the best cleaning not in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s in our professional cleaning plant. Our staff is trained to advise you on best practices – on any garment.

Suited for success.

When you want to make a first-rate impression, nothing beats your best suit. Now make sure the details are right: clean tie, coordinated pocket-square, cuffs showing just about ¾ inch. Always brush for lint with a fabric brush, or a sticky lint remover. Clean, shined shoes? Make sure your trousers have a proper hem — pants should rest on the top of the shoe with a small “break ” and should only be shorter if the pants have a cuff. Remember, professional alterations are almost always a good investment on an off-the rack suit.

Pillow talk.

Lumpy, flat, sour smelling? Your every-night bed partners may need rejuvenation. Are your favorite down pillows at the end of their life?  Bring us your down and feather pillows for cleaning and reticking. We remove the feathers, sanitize and refluff them, add more feathers, then put them in a new case.  With a cost ranging from $10-$25, depending on the service, its an affordable way to save your best pillows year after year.  Non-down pillows? If they don’t fit in your machine (and most don’t), use our laundry service.