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From tux to luxe

This summer Lanvin combines classic tuxedo design with sexy silhouettes and cut-outs for the woman taking a night out on the town. This edgy collection features a mix and match of aesthetics with dark monochromatic colors. Added flair makes each piece stand out – rhinestones, cowboy boots and belts are just a few of the trends. Watch the runway show at http://youtu.be/5AL11pi-aak

Archival storage for heirloom garments

Did you know we preserve more than just wedding gowns? Specialty linens and homemade afghans are just two of the precious things we can clean and package for long-term storage. Don’t forget christening and ceremonial gowns, vintage clothing and treasured letter jackets. For true archival preservation, garments should never be wrapped in anything but neutral pH tissue and archival fiber. Air flow is important – and plastics can off-gas destructive chemicals. Keep your heirlooms properly stored for generations of joy.

Recycled fashion.

Repurposing old clothes and materials is a hot new trend.  Check out Kim Cathers’ line at this years Eco Fashion week.  She used 68 pounds of thrift store materials mixed with natural fabrics to create a sustainable clothing line unlike any other.  And what makes it better?  It’s easy to wear and accessible —check out the runway show and see if recycled fashion is your new must-have for spring. http://youtu.be/64fl3uaokxI

The three B’s.

Freshen your wardrobe this season without breaking the bank. Think Buttons, Belts and Bags.  It’s all about accessories this spring and summer.  And don’t be afraid to go BIG with your “B” statement.  Standing out never looked so good.  Match a shiny large belt buckle to a great handbag to make a shirtdress from last season look brand new. Go button shopping and bring them to us to update your favorite blazer, skirt or shirt. Check out Michael Kors’ spring/summer 2013 runway show for great new ideas at http://youtu.be/m40EdgpZK3s

Caution: laundry overload.

If your home laundry isn’t quite as clean as you like, the most likely culprit is overloading.  Laundry detergent is formulated to lift dirt and keep it from re-depositing on the clothes.  However, if the machine is over filled, there’s just not enough water to prevent “redep” of soil and dyes.  Take bulky items, like comforters, to a jumbo Laundromat machine (or to us) to make sure they get clean. Don’t ever fill your home washing machine to over 75% capacity — it’s not built to handle it.