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Holiday stain relief.

The holidays are just around the corner, usually including red wine, rich gravy, cocktails and sugary treats. What else do the celebrations bring? Accidental spills on your favorite clothes and household linens – with some of the toughest stains to remove: acid, sugar and oil based food and beverages. Help us by following a few guidelines: never rub, pick or wipe clean – treat the boo-boo as a no-problem comic relief, gently blot the spill and remove any excess then get it to us pronto for professional stain removal.

Flax— the oldest fiber

Looking for an alternative to cotton? Flax is the oldest known fabric, and it’s comparable to cotton in all ways – some even better. Flax is eco-friendly and great for high moisture and humidity areas. Flax, otherwise known as linen, is less likely to mildew, keeps the body cool, and costs less than cotton. Another bonus – flax is less likely to fade in the sun. Wondering why some shirts say flax while others say linen? Flax sounds more eco friendly than linen – but have no fear, they are the same great fabric.

Shirt care confusion

Does your new shirt label say washable, but the fabric looks and feels like it needs dry cleaning? –Some manufacturers avoid marking an item as “dry clean only” to promote sales, even though professional cleaning would keep the garment looking … Continue reading

Ruffles and flourishes

Wondering how to make a dress look as good as it did when you bought it? A trip through your washing machine simply removes crisp details like ruffles and pleats. Even careful home ironing can’t get them back without damaging the fabric from high heat. We offer press only services for wash at home items that need a professional’s finishing touch. Our steam presses give your garments a perfect crease, without iron marks or shiny patches.

Washable silk’s short life

Watch out for this season’s “washable silks” with cotton lining. Silk fabric is delicate and prone to losing shape and color in water. The cotton lining holds moisture that speed up deterioration and loss of wear-ability in the silk in as little as one washing. Wondering why the designer chose the combo? The cotton lining gives the garment a sturdier form for the design. Sadly, long-term wear is often a designer’s last concern for even an expensive fashion item.