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Setting a fresh table.

Don’t stash table linens back in the drawer for next time; bring them to us right away. Oil and grease, the most common stains on napkins and table linens, are the hardest to remove. Waiting lets them soak into the material, causes the stains to set, and can become very difficult to remove. Bring them in and we’ll remove all traces of the last meal so you can start fresh for your next dinner without unsightly stains.

Lanvin for men.

Guys, feeling left out of this winter’s high fashion fun? Well have no fear, Lanvin is here to sweep you out of the boring styles and leap into this winters stylish new male trends. Ditch the tie this season and go for new stylish coats and high-necked shirts and sweaters – accent with metal and bold coats and belts to make a statement without all the flash. Watch the 2012 winter runway show here and check out your local high-end retailers for your next great Lanvin addition.

Home-brew stain magic.

Here’s how you can remove grease stains safely at home. You’ll need a double sink or bucket, a jug of white vinegar, a cleaner like Woolite, and half a bucket of ice cubes. First, submerge the item in an ice water bath. The thermal shock of the cold causes the fabric to contract, pushing debris to the surface. Let the item sit in the polar bear bath water for 20 minutes. Next, soak the item in enough white vinegar to fully cover and let sit for a few hours, even overnight. The vinegar separates the stain from the fabric, ready for step three. In cold water, gently sudse the item with Woolite. Now rinse completely and air dry. Even if there’s still evidence of the grease mark, since you did not set the stain with heat, we may be able to work a dry cleaning miracle.

Artistic recycling.

How many ways have you found to reuse products? Check out this cool artistic reuse of hangers into something functional, stylish and eco friendly, click here . These chandeliers are made of plastic hangers that would otherwise end up in landfills. Instead, they’re lighting up the room with a great conversation piece. Always bring wire hangers back – unless you make them into sculptures!

Losing space to memories?

Are precious keepsake garments taking up valuable closet space? Christening gowns, ceremonial attire, letter jackets, afghans and wedding gowns all take up space and seldom come out of storage. Your keepsake items can be cleaned and preserved for future generations, and the boxing makes them easy to store on a shelf or in the attic. We not only clean and package wedding gowns, we also do prom dresses, dress uniforms and those precious baby outfits.