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Ink load

Did you forget to empty your pockets when doing the laundry? Nasty ink stains on your favorite khakis or towels? Try not to re-wash the items–the heat from the process can set in the ink permanently.  Bring whatever items you want salvaged for dry cleaning, pronto.  We have special agents made specifically to remove ink from clothes.  Take it to us right away though and tell us exactly what happened – the more we know the better we’ll do.

Post-holiday sweet spots?

Did you think you were playing it safe with white wine and spritzers only to find nasty stains and marks on your party clothes?  Those sugary spills soak into the fabric and, when cleaned, take the dye right out with them. White wines may taste sweet, but they are sneaky when it comes to leaving stains – let us know at the counter what was spilled for the best chance of survival.

Wrinkles in your freshly ironed laundry?

Need to touch up the clothes you just ironed last week? Sometimes mixing things up in the laundry room only undoes all your careful work. Keep clothes of the same type together—pants will lie together neatly and a heavy jacket won’t crush your shirt collars. And remember when ironing 100% cotton, like sheets and shirts, to keep them damp with a spray bottle handy for spot spraying tough wrinkles – the high heat required to get out the wrinkles will dry the fabric without burning, and keep the garment pressed and smooth. Too much trouble? We’re happy to do your ironing and offer a press-only rate.

Frills and feathers bogging you down?

Never fear, accessible military inspired fashion will save the day. Super-hero of fashion, MaxMara offers a different spin on this season’s newest styles, using animal inspired textures and leather accents to highlight his deep soldier hues and heavy fabrics. Snake skin shoulders and mix and match lengths give you the freedom to prowl in high fashion without all the fuss. Check out his 2012 Fall Winter Runway here step out getting the attention you deserve.

Conserve energy and ironing time.

If you are ironing 100% cotton shirts, khakis, sheets or tablecloths, skip the dryer cycle. Ironing cotton requires moisture; so hang them to partially air dry and iron when they’re still slightly damp. You won’t need to spray to get those pesky wrinkles out. You’ll save time, electricity, water and a dryer sheet. Do you have a great way to not double up on energy use? Let us know and share tips with your friends.