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Ruffles and flourishes

Wondering how to make a dress look as good as it did when you bought it? A trip through your washing machine simply removes crisp details like ruffles and pleats. Even careful home ironing can’t get them back without damaging the fabric from high heat. We offer press only services for wash at home items that need a professional’s finishing touch. Our steam presses give your garments a perfect crease, without iron marks or shiny patches.

Washable silk’s short life

Watch out for this season’s “washable silks” with cotton lining. Silk fabric is delicate and prone to losing shape and color in water. The cotton lining holds moisture that speed up deterioration and loss of wear-ability in the silk in as little as one washing. Wondering why the designer chose the combo? The cotton lining gives the garment a sturdier form for the design. Sadly, long-term wear is often a designer’s last concern for even an expensive fashion item.

Today’s wool

Wooing over the latest wools but scared of getting the woes instead? Lightweight and fresh, wool is the preferred fabric for fashion staples – pants, suits, skirts and sweaters. The eco friendly fabric has evolved to be lightweight when needed, and durable when necessary. Forget the itch, the wools of today are not what you remember: soft and supple, colorful and long lasting, wool works in the office and out on the town. Dressed up or lounged down, wool is the must have fabric of every eco-conscious consumer.

Saturday night fever

Are you giving yourself a fever when deciding what to wear this Saturday night? Leisure suits are the last thing you should think of when you hear polyester. Forget those old styles – the polyester of today not only holds designs, forms, and color better than most fabrics, it also offers durability and long term wear. From wedding gowns to your favorite slacks, polyester pleases. Less expensive than other fabrics, poly provides you the opportunity to have high fashion at lower cost. So strut your stuff and enjoy the feel of polyester fashion without the fear of looking out of date.

Starched or soft?

Linen can go both ways – let us know if you like your linen to stand up- a little starch goes a long way to keep that crisp linen feel. Do you like the smooth soft feel instead? Our professional staff can dry clean your item and hand press it in a way that keeps the form while still staying soft and smooth to the touch. Not all linen shirts are the same, so remember to tell us your preference when bringing them to us – we will keep your favorite linen garment in the shape you like the best.