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Hats and gloves.

Keeping warm is a lot more pleasant when winter wear items are clean and fresh. If you chose to home-launder, a few timely tips from Real Simple: Wash knit caps and gloves like sweaters; machine-wash knits on delicate cycle in cold water. Spot-clean structured newsboy and baseball caps to keep brims in shape. Handwash leather trimmed gloves. Or bring everything to the experts. We’re skilled at even the stickiest stains.

Cotton blankets.

Good old-fashioned cotton sheets add an easy-to-clean warming layer to your bed. Set your washing machine to gentle, with cold wash and rinse cycles to avoid shrinking. Dry on delicate with medium heat, or hang outdoors on the line. 

Bedding best practices.

Laundering bed linens often isn’t a top priority — most Americans change the sheets every three weeks. But if sleep with pets or have been ill, messy or “active,” strip the bed once a week. Every hour, your body sheds about 200 million skin cells, plus sweat, body oils, moisturizing lotions, and regular old dirt. Sheets and pillowcases should be laundered in the hottest water possible (check the care label) to thoroughly clean. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep in a freshly-made bed.  

Hi ho 2020.

Back to work we go. Looking your best on the job is more than good sense. It’s the way to make your presence professional, capable and on top. Your drycleaner does more than remove spots and press the pleats where they belong. We contribute to your successful image with business attire that’s maintained at its best. So you look at yours.

Holiday cleanup.

Before you stow away remains of the holiday, make sure everything is clean and ready for another celebration. We clean messy Santa suits, pitchy tree skirts, eggnogged lapels and almost everything else. We’ll do our best to remove the ugly from holiday sweaters — sorry, ugly that’s woven into the design is beyond our even the latest cleaning technology.  Here’s to a bright, clean, and beautiful New Year.