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Sparkling sneakers.

White canvas shoes are perfect for summer – until they start looking beige. Here’s how to remove stains, thanks to How to Clean Stuff. Scrub away dirt stains with shampoo on a nail brush, wipe residue away with a damp sponge. Use dish soap on grass stains, and nail polish remover on grease or tar. Apply oxygen bleach with am old toothbrush to any remaining off-white areas. If you don’t mind losing the new look, canvas shoes can usually be machine washed on a gentle cycle with warm water. Hang to air dry.

Clean sheets.

Sheets may get more comfortable after a week or two on the bed, but there are millions of reasons to throw them into the wash. The video “Ten Disgusting Things that Live in Your Bed” promises to get you changing the bed, pronto. For home laundering, hot water and line drying in the sunshine will rid linens of mites, pet dander, mold and human debris like skin and perspiration. Or use our professional laundry services for crisply finished, folded and ready to snuggle bed linens.

The tiniest pocket.

Too small for a phone, too awkward for change, what’s the point of the smallest pocket on your jeans? According to a Quora forum thread, the pocket was added to the original Levi Strauss “waist coveralls” so cowboys would have a safe place to tuck their pocketwatches. Today, the vestigial watchpocket is loved by “denimheads” for the way it ages and wears with age and country western boot scooters love to hook their thumbs into the tiny right pocket.

One redhot with mustard?

Yellow mustard is one of the hardest stains to remove, so act fast if it squirts on you. We can help, first thing Monday morning after the big game. We’ll work that yellow spot out of your outfit – and we never charge more for routine stain removal – like some of the other guys. We make going to the cleaners a fast, easy and affordable time so you can enjoy what matters, like another hotdog with the works.


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