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Groundhog Day, again?

When the laundry piles up and starts looking like the same old same thing over and over, give yourself a day off and let our professional laundry team take care of it. Our commercial cleaning machines, specialty cleaning products and expert stain removal get everything super clean. And we can press everything to like-new perfection or simply dry and fold. Treat yourself to a day without a trip to the laundry room.

Spring trends.

Harpers Bazaar previews nine trends for 2016, from elaborate vintage embroidery to street-ready pajama sets and comeback versions of the slip dress. You’ll see bold graphic striped dresses and more versions of the ever-popular bomber jacket, contrasted with a big resurgence of bold floral prints and ruffled, feathered, chiffon and sheer romantic looks. Spring collections also relied on blingy sequins and a very Spanish look with flamenco ruffles and deep reds. Trust us to keep you looking your best, in couture or vintage fashion.

Enzymes to the rescue.

We use enzyme-based laundry cleaners that you can’t buy for home use. They cost more a little more and are a lot more complicated to use than home products. Enzymes only work in a specific temperature range and require proper equipment to ensure the enzymes are allowed to do their work. Our specialized laundry products are just one of the ways we keep you looking your best.

Aprés ski.

Check every item for salt, grit or food spills after your fun on the snow.  Close zippers and release tension on drawstrings or elastics, dry thoroughly before storing. Specifically follow care instruction tags: high tech fabrics need special attention, sometimes more sophisticated than the home washing machine. Remember, we’re your garment cleaning and care experts—even for technical sportswear.

Save the memories.

Wedding gowns are not the only heirlooms that deserve special treatment. Careful cleaning, mending and archival storage can benefit any textile. Grandmother’s lace tablecloth, Dad’s letter jacket or uniform, antique tapestries or christening gowns. We’ve seen it all and can recommend the right procedures and products to preserve your treasure.