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Time for a closet purge.

Make room for the new season by clearing out the old, the tired, the worn. Ten things to start: jeans you no longer wear, concert and event t-shirts, the dress you’re going to fit someday, unwearable shoes (no matter how cute), nostalgic oldies, the bridesmaid dress, ill-fitting bras, anything with shoulder pads, empty hangers, that really expensive piece you never wear. Bag it all and give it to a charity. You’ll feel great, especially when you see all the new closet real estate.

Winter storage.

Take everything wintery out of every closet and drawer for cleaning. Dry cleaning or laundry removes soil, oil, perfumes and splashed stains. Then fold and store in plastic bins with heavier items on the bottom. If you’re planning to store long-term, use cotton, linen or a breathable fabric. Then store in a dry, cool place that’s not musty. Don’t forget those winter shoes – clean well, treat or polish and take them in for repairs before stuffing with cedar trees or crumpled newspaper to maintain shape.

Laundry mildew.

According to Martha Stewart, mildew can grow in a washing machine, especially in humid or poorly ventilated areas. The problem’s usually around the rubber door seal. Start with a cup of chlorine bleach mixed with 2 cups warm water. Wearing protective gloves, wipe and clean the seal from bottom to top, paying special attention to areas where water may collect. Finish your disinfection process by running the washer (empty) with a hot cycle and a full bleach dispenser. Repeat every couple of months or when you see or smell mildew.

New iTie changes everything.

Today Apple revealed their new iTie, revolutionizing the way high-tech men will dress for work. The neckwear uses new flexible LED technology to display a very narrow but colorful desktop showing apps including stock market, weather, email,  to-do and messaging. The perfect companion to iWatch, the iTie automatically connects to the Internet via cell or WiFi. Before you order yours, please check today’s date.

More interview tips.

Invest in a good pair of professional shoes. Think loafers and Oxfords, dark colors and classic lines. Women can wear flats or heels but be sure they are comfortable. 2. Adapt for the season: summer heat can be too much for full traditional interview attire. Whatever the season, you should be dressed to fit in to the work environment. 3. Take your time. Allow an extra hour to get ready to give yourself time to make sure everything, including your hair, makeup and shoe-shine, is perfect. 4. Comfort and confidence are key.  Looking professional and reflecting company culture is important, but feeling certain that you look your best is critical. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Relax, be your best, and win at your job interview.