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Glitter gone.

Here’s a very tiny tip: When the shine comes off, and the carpet’s covered in glitter from ornaments, decorating and celebrating, grab a ball of Play-Do. Roll it over the mess to pick up the loose bits of shine. That’s about as much housecleaning as we’re going to do today.

Home for Christmas.

Please join us, our employees, our families and friends, in a Christmas wish for peace on earth, goodwill towards all. No matter your faith, station, nationality or color, we’re joined in this season of renewal, of hope and blessing.

Brighter days ahead.

It’s time for family and friends, celebrating the holidays and getting through the darkest part of the year. As Charles Shultz said, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”  We hope you’ve enjoyed your share of “a little something extra” this year. We’ve built our business by providing it to every customer, every day. We wish you the best and thank you for your patronage. We’ll close a little early tomorrow and be closed all day Friday.

The gift of clean.

Yes, this is a shameless plug for shirts, sweaters and suits — cleaned and pressed to crisp perfection — with a gift certificate from us. We custom-make them in a size to fit every budget and dry cleaning and laundry is something everyone needs. Even the garbage man will appreciate a little cleaning this Christmas.

Splurge on cashmere.

Like most natural fibers, cashmere comes in many grades and, like fine wine, you can’t cut corners on the quality of the raw material. Thicker sweaters will be more expensive, and simpler knits like a jersey stitch, will be the lowest price. Whether it’s a $50 pullover or a $1,000 Loro Piana cable knit, cashmere is always a welcome gift, soft and warm in luscious colors. It’s no surprise that we help maintain cashmere to extend the wearing life while minimizing shrinkage, pilling and stretching. Read about the expense of cashmere