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Job interview tips.

Making the right first impression at your interview is easier when you’re confident and calm. Dressing the part always helps. First, err on the side of formality with a suit or blazer, especially for an office or retail position. 2. Avoid distractions like scent, jewelry or statement accessories. 3. Look the part. Visit the store or company website to see how your peers dress. 4. Details count. Obviously, your outfit should be clean and wrinkle-free (we can help with this part). Double-check your résumé for errors, turn off your phone and, if you wear glasses, make sure they too are sparkling clean. Now stand up straight, take a deep breath and good luck.

A little less disability.

Now wheelchair users can choose pants, shirts, blouses, blazers and dresses specially tailored for looking (and feeling) good while seated. For instance, the blazer back is cut out to let the sides hang properly. Pants and skirts fit, dresses easily zip and the maker donates 10% to build ramps. See everything at IZCollection.com for affordable, classic and well-made mens and womens clothing made of top quality fabrics, styled to fit a seated body shape. Hurrah to designer Izzy Camilleri!

A good night’s rest.

If you’ve ever slept in a luxury hotel, you know how wonderful it feels to slide between crisp, clean sheets, lie your head on a fresh pillow and slumber like royalty. Keeping bed linens clean is easy if you have a large capacity front-loading washer (like ours). And our professional finishing is impossible to create at home, no matter how long you iron. We clean pillows, duvets, afghans, shams, quilts, blankets, dust ruffles and sleeping bags.

Green Cleaning

It’s not a new way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – we use “green cleaning” earth-friendly products and methods without charging extra. We are locally owned and operated and passionate about saving our neighbors’ money and wardrobe. Not to mention saving the clean air, water and Earth we value. Trust us to keep you looking good and feeling good about your cleaning choices.

Spring ahead.

Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday. It’s the perfect time gather up your winter garments for a pre-storage cleaning. Salt, spills and stains will only get worse with time, so protect your investment in winter warmth and let us clean away the soils of winter.