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Traveling for the holidays?

Make your trip easier by packing smarter. Choose a travel wardrobe that will do double or triple duty for extended wear. Use the plastic wrap from your cleaning to separate items and prevent wrinkling. Stuff shoes with stockings and underwear. Pack complete children’s outfits, complete with socks and underwear, in zip plastic bags.  Have safe, easy travels and a great holiday.

Holiday stain relief.

Candle wax, pumpkin pie, pine resin, turkey fat, red wine and lipstick stains (caused by mistletoe) are just a few of the risks of entertaining.  Our stain experts know how to treat even the worst, using techniques and specialized products not available for home use.  Bring the damaged item to us as soon as possible so we can get started before the stains oxidize.

Snuggle up.

Snuggle up, it’s dark and nights are cold. To get the most relaxing and refreshing sleep, strip the bedding and clean your mattress. Mix 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, chamomile, sandalwood or geranium are classic) into a box of baking soda, mix well and massage into the mattress. Wait an hour or so before vacuuming up all the baking soda. The mixture helps lift soil, remove mites and freshens the mattress. Add freshly laundered linens, fluffy pillows and you’re ready for some dream time. Our commercial washing machines are perfect for duvet covers and comforters, quilts and blankets.

Shearling season.

From runway to lodge, shearling’s cuddly warmth makes it a cold weather favorite. Sheepskin’s soft wool fibers are naturally thermostatic, wicking away moisture while they insulate. Caring for your shearling starts with gentle brushing to restore suede’s nap and remove surface soil. Fluff the inside lightly with a wire dog brush. Caught in some wet weather? Blot dry with a towel and hang to dry, away from direct heat. When serious stains happen, bring them to our leather and suede specialists. We’ll keep your investment wearable.

Gravy stains.

Rich, thick gravy is the foundation for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s also a stain hazard from dripping gravy ladles, over-sauced potatoes, or oozing from a hot turkey sandwich. Stains happen. We’re experts at removing gravy from table linens, neckties, blouse fronts and favorite sweaters. Our spotters know how to combat the protein-grease-starch-cream mix known in cookbooks as gravy. Bring us your drips, dribbles and blobs. We’ll get it clean again.