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Smart shirt buying.

The right shirt adds confidence, style and comfort. Five tips to help get the best shirt: know your neck, arm, chest and waist size for proper fit — not too baggy or tight. Look for subtle features like pleats, fit and finish. Spread, cutaway or club, choose a collar that goes with your suits, neck and face shape. Leave room for an index finger between skin and fabric. Pick a fabric that’s comfortable for the season, from twill to oxford. Avoid no-iron and polyster fabrics that trap heat and look cheap. And don’t be afraid of a little color beyond white and light blue. Plaid or gingham, pattern or pastel, liven up your wardrobe with the right shirt,

The bride’s bustle.

If your wedding dress has a train, you need a bustle — or you’ll be tripping over fabric instead of the light fantastic.  Brides Magazine offers expert advice on bustle styles. The American bustle, aka the Ballroom or Over bustle, uses waistline hooks to lift the train. The elaborate Austrian gathers fabric vertically with ribbons sewn through the gown’s back seam. The French bustle picks up the train and tucks it under the silhouette. Our alterations department can help choose, adjust and fine-tune the best bustle for you.

Wedding cost cutters.

Just attending a wedding can break the budget. American Express estimates an average cost of $703, including travel, dressing up, meals and the gift itself. To-be-weds are saving big by simplifying the ceremony, the venue and eliminating the wedding planner and caterer. For weddings large and small, frugal and lavish, your friends in the cleaning business can help make your wedding perfect.

Vintage tips.

Before you buy at the flea market, consignment shop or vintage specialty shop, heed these tips from  Vogue magazine: It it’s too small, skip it. Too large? Bring it in for alterations. Check for holes, loose seams, old stains or beads falling off. Check clasps, buttons, zippers. Learn to bargain, gently. Start with “can you do a little better on this?”and be ready to offer a dollar amount. Cash talks louder than credit cards when you’re bargaining. Whatever you find, bring it in for a professional cleaning.

Veiled wedding.

The right veil adds elegance, romance and the finishing touch for a bride’s walk down the aisle. Refinery29 reviews  ten veils with a modern vibe to match almost any gown. Shorter veils are ideal for garden-party or City Hall nuptials. Or choose a full-length tulle veil embroidered with a lace appliqué floral crown. Choose a simple lace headband or a floor-length chiffon — there’s a veil for every bride.