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Hang it up.

Website thesweethome.com recommends top-pick Proman Kascade Hanger for its consistent, smooth and solid construction, with hooks for chain-linking, shoulder notches for hanging straps and a solid crossbar for trousers. It’s lightweight and affordable, sold by Amazon in 50-packs for under $70. The wire hangers we provide with your cleaning are not intended for long-term use, and we’re delighted to recycle them for you.

Keeping black clothes black.

The experts at Consumer Reports offer tips to keep your dark clothing items looking fresh and unfaded. Their video advises  turning inside out for infrequent laundering in short, cold water cycle before air drying. We recommend dry cleaning to preserve like-new colors and just-purchased texture.

Upscale classic.

Since its founding in 1963. St. John Knits has set the standard for classic wool and rayon knits, Chanel-inspired jackets and pure, primary colors. Today, St. John is sold in specialty stores in 29 countries and 27 company-owned boutiques with annual sales over $325 million. A classic St. John garment has knit-in hems and an exclusive tightly woven wool and rayon double knit fabric. Generations of women have relied on St. John’s classic, flattering and conservative lines. “It’s almost like a uniform, a status symbol, for those who can afford the best.” Of course, we’re experts at cleaning and caring for all your knits, from St. John to Fair Isle, Gap to Givenchy.

Prom dressing.

Whether you choose a dramatic red-carpet look or a vintage heartbreaker, there are a few trends we’re seeing in stores and the fashion magazines and sites. The hottest solid colors are black, champagne and red, and don’t be surprised to see dramatic prints. Details include intricate low backs, lace insets and practical pockets. If allowed, exposed midriffs are shown off by two-piece gowns. Don’t settle for an off-the-rack fit, our alterations department will make you look like a million in the gown that’s right for prom.

Friday the 13th.

Casual Friday need not be unlucky, but dressing business casual for men has a few rules for success. Choose neutral colored, collared shirts that are crisply pressed (we take care of that) and long sleeved. Dark jeans are OK if they’re clean and hole-free.  A casual jacket in a neutral finishes the look. Every office has different rules, different styles. Whatever is appropriate, make sure it’s clean, crisply finished and in good repair. Our laundry and cleaning services help you always look your best.