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Leaky latte?

We’ve all spilled a little now and then, and the instinct to rub it is hard to resist.  Blot, blot and blot. Sometimes a stain removal pen (like Tide) can help short term. The best answer is to bring us the shirt as soon as you can. Our stain removal experts use professional products and procedures that can take the coffee out of most fabric.

Coco’s wisdom.

 “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Although many of our female customers might not like to be called “girls,” we’re certain they won’t mind being called classy or fabulous. While culture has changed since Coco Chanel, a well-dressed woman is always in style.

Valentine’s Day Sunday.

After the romantic celebration is over, let us clean your dressup outfit so it’s ready for the next party, dinner or gala event. Of course, we can remove typical Valentine stains like lipstick, champagne and chocolate. Tuxedo, suit or sportcoat, dress, gown or frock – your cleaning experts are standing by.

Wonder wool.

Wool is used for more types of garments than any other fiber. From superfine to chunky, wool can be woven into a wide range of weights, finishes and textures. Wool holds heat and resists water, making wool outerwear a favorite. Even a wet wool coat will keep you warm. Wool is strong but it’s a natural product, subject to damage from heat, light, and insects – not to mention shrinking, stretching and wrinkling. We are wool care experts, preserving the deep and lustrous texture, shape and color.

Superbowl Sunday.

Enjoy the game with no penalties for snack fumbles. Out stain removal experts know how to recover from guacamole interference, Buffalo sauce encroachment and incomplete beverage passing. Blot the damage and let us get started on it Monday morning. We can even remove team color makeup from your favorite jersey. Now go team, GO!