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Warm weather wedding.

A September wedding can be just as sticky as a summer one. Pick lightweight and airy clothing for the wedding gown and bridal party. Warm weather means sweat, so use airbrush makeup.  After the ceremony and formal photos, change into a simpler dress made of comfortable, lighter material. If you have long hair, choose an updo hair style that gets it off your neck and helps prevent flyaways in the breeze. Enjoy your day in the sun, stay cool and look your best. Read more at Brides.com

Fresh gym gear.

There are so many benefits of working out regularly, but keeping your activewear clean can be tricky. First, choose garments with clear and easy care instructions for technical fabrics. First, never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets —coating the fibers prevents wicking. Wash in cold water to prevent fading. Presoak with a cup of white vinegar to break down residual body aroma.  If you don’t have time to wash, hang your gear in natural sunlight to deter bacterial growth. Avoid the dryer, the heat breaks down elasticity and the technical function of your garments.

Labor Day.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it right.”  We’re proud of our staff for knowing what’s right and doing it, day in day out. Thanks for your talent, dedication and perseverance! We’ll be closed Monday, celebrating Labor Day with family and friends.

Who knew about new.

It doesn’t seem logical to wash or clean new garments, but industry experts recommend laundering everything that comes in contact with your skin. You never know who tried on the item in the store, but you will know for sure that you’re removing chemicals like formaldehyde use in the manufacturing process. Even 100% cotton is treated, be sure to prewash bedding, underwear, t-shirts and swimwear. Bring us the woolens, dresses and suits for cleaning before you enjoy wearing your newest.

Closet cleanser.

Rainy summer day? Take an hour and clear some closet space with these tips from Real Simple. Start by pulling bad bridesmaid dresses, old Halloween costumes and anything that’s stained, torn or ill fitting. Gone are super low-rise jeans, painful shoes and every piece of outdated trends, starting with velour track suits. Do yourself proud by losing anything that makes you feel exposed, fat or uncomfortable.