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Seasonal storage.

Before you stash winter clothing for the season, be sure everything’s clean. Even the slightest splash or dribble can oxidize and darken over time. Body oils, perspiration and food or beverage stains can permanently soak in, even attract insect damage. Protect your investment by cleaning everything before hanging on wooden or plastic hangers, storing in breathable garment bags and putting in a dry, temperature-stable area until fall. Ask us about storage and packaging options.  

Spring spruce up

Take a few minutes and review your table linen collection.  Stains set over time, so it may be too late for some remainders of parties past, but our specialists have a lot of tricks that go beyond home remedies. Bring in your tablecloths, runners, napkins and placemats for professional laundering and tip-top finishing. Your table will be ready for big (and small) events when you start with crisp, clean linen.  P.S. We can usually restore yellowed lace and linen to its original glory. 

Grandma’s laundry secret.

Vinegar’s back! This inexpensive miracle worker gives brighter, cleaner, fresher laundry. For instance, it removes sweat and deodorant stains, replaces fabric softener to reduce static and boosts detergent power while eliminating buildup from powdered cleaners. Add a half cup of distilled white vinegar to your next load — you’ll see the difference.

Step up to silk.

Top-quality silk, from lingerie to neckwear, is an investment in luxury. But natural-fiber silk is delicate: simply rubbing a spot can fade color or dull the fabric’s luster. Water or club soda bleeds color dyes and abrades fibers. When gravy spots your power tie or champagne bubbles over the crêpe de chine, stay calm and gently blot with a clean white cloth. Bring the soiled silk garment in and let our experts do the rest.

Prepare for clean.

A few minutes prepping laundry before throwing it into the machine saves grief and adds life to your clothing. Unroll shirt sleeves and pant cuffs. Zip up zippers to avoid snagging the metal teeth on knits and woven garments. Unbutton button-down collars and button-front shirts to avoid stressing buttons and buttonholes. Tie drawstrings together so they don’t snake into the sweatpants or hoodie. Turn dark colored garments inside out to minimize fading. Make the most of your home laundry with these simple tips.