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The 1600 B.C. Cleaners.

A historic clay tablet, held at the British Museum, documents a conversation between a professional Mesopotamian cleaner and his particular client. After specifying the source of water for washing, the type of drying wind, and the sort of stones to press the luxury garment, the full-service cleaner answered, “I’ll show you a washing place and you can do it yourself if you think you know the work so well.” Customers today can trust our expertise with even the trickiest cleaning jobs – after all, we’re building on over 3600 years of cleaning (and customer service) experience.

Saggy sweater blues.

When a favorite knitted warmer starts growing, don’t despair. We can help bring it back to shape. Let us know and we can block it the right size and shape when we clean it. We’ll even keep measurements on file for special garments – remember, we’re customer service specialists. May we serve your sweater’s special needs?

Luck of the Irish.

The Irish laundryman jokingly ask, “Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover?  You don’t want to press your luck.”  Whether you’re celebrating all things green and orange this Sunday or not, remember there are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were. 

Colors of Spring.

There’s a fresh new color palette in fashion this season to brighten your wardrobe and it’s pretty and exciting. Yellow verbena is a cheerful variation, turmeric orange pairs easily with browns, greens and blues. Pistachio green, aka sage, mint or seafoam, looks elegant paired with white jeans. Fiesta red always grabs attention and looks gorgeous. Pastel dove blue is perfect for a soft feminine look. Whatever the color, we’re here to keep it fresh and bright.

Skip ahead this Sunday.

You’ll lose an hour to Daylight Savings but you can make up for it with our time-saving cleaning and laundry services. Whether we pick up and deliver or serve you from our counter, let us take care of your all your household linens and garment cleaning and ironing.