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Lipstick stains?

After a boisterous New Year’s Eve you may find a little incriminating stain on your collar. Innocuous or not, removing lipstick can be more difficult than explaining how it got there. Our stain experts can whisk most lipstick stains out of almost every fabric. If you want to try an easy home remedy, soaking in liquid dishwashing detergent seems to work amazingly well. Rinse well before laundering, with bleach for white fabric.


First, Peace. Followed by the usual list: eat better, smile more, lose weight, learn something new, share, drink more water, walk. To that we’ll add “Say Hello” to someone new every day. We say hello to a lot of people every day as part of our job. Seems like the more we do it, the more we like it. Drop by soon and we’ll be happy to remind you how good it feels to be greeted as a friend. We’re closed until Friday, see you then.

Glittering holidays.

Here’s a very tiny tip: When the shine comes off, and the carpet’s covered in glitter from ornaments, decorating and celebrating, grab a ball of Play-Do. Roll it over the mess to pick up the loose bits of shine. That’s about as much housecleaning as we’re going to do today.

Home for Christmas.

Please join us, our employees, our families and friends, in a Christmas wish for peace on earth, goodwill towards men. No matter your faith, station, nationality or color, we’re joined in this season of renewal, of hope and blessing.

Keep your outfit together.

We all have suits and matching outfits that we love, but may not always wear together. Sometimes you wear the skirt or pants with a different blouse, or the jacket with your favorite jeans and a fitted blouse or even a dress. Even though you don’t wear them together, you should always wash or dry clean matching pieces together to make certain that a slight color loss doesn’t give you two pieces that almost match.