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Thanksgiving tablescapes.

Before the silver polishing and piebaking begin, take a little time to make a plan for your tabletop. The Internet is jammed with great ideas, starting with Martha Stewart’s 39 Thanksgiving Tables with tricks for memorable centerpieces, place cards and even napkin rings made from recycled wishbones or fresh Brussels sprouts and sage. Seriously. We can help set the perfect table with professionally finished table clothes, runners, placemats and napkins. There’s nothing like crisp, fresh table linens to set the stage for a memorable feast. We’ll clean and press to perfection, just like always. We can even remove musty botton-of-the-buffet-drawer smells.

Timeless style, part 2.

Timeless style, part 2. Balance your top to bottom. If you’re wearing a baggy top, balance with a fitted bottom. In the 60’s Audrey Hepburn looked great in a trapeze-style top with slim capri pants. Transform any outfit with a statement scarf or necklace, even a boring t-shirt is transformed with the right scarf. Splurge on two great bags: a large framed bag to carry everything and a smaller cross-body bag won’t get left behind like a clutch. Above all, when in doubt wear black. It’s slimming, sexy and never goes out of style.

Happy Hallowe’en.

We are 100% in favor of dressing up, for dinner, for work and for trick or treating. And after the scary fun, we are experts at removing grease paint, glitter and other reminders of the masquerade. Our expert cleaners can remove almost any stain, and we clean and pack costumes for next year. Bring your gremlins by our store for their special treat and Boo!

Timeless style tips, part 1.

Traditional rules change over time, but the fashion basics always hold true. You.beauty fashion blogger Lesley Kennedy outlines how to look taller, leaner and more stylish, starting with good tailoring. When your clothes fit properly, your best attributes are accentuated. (Our inhouse alterations department can do wonders.) Don’t obsess about the size — designers each have their own sample sizes—wear what fits, no matter what the tag says. Invest in quality undergarments to provide a good base to make clothes fall better.

New jeans blues.

Ever wear a new pair of jeans straight from the store and notice your hands and shirt turned blue? When dye transfers by friction, it’s called crocking and the indigo dye in blue jeans is a notorious crocker. Before you leave blue everywhere, the washing machine is your first stop. Do a first wash with cold water, before the rinse cycle starts, stop the machine and add two cups white vinegar and let soak for a couple of hours. Then turn the machine back to finish. Hang and air dry your jeans, then press with the hottest iron setting. Then throw them back into the machine for one more cold-water wash.