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Spring trends.

Black and white polka dots, white suits and square necklines are just a few of the trends for spring. Millennial pink will be everywhere, especially paired with red. Look for standout pieces in rubber (!) or with ruching, asymmetry, transparency or feathers. Finish your look with a statement handbag or fanny pack 

Valentine kisses.

Here’s hoping Cupid treats you well this Valentine’s day. We love all our customers, every day of the year. And if that loving feeling gets a little rambunctious, remember we can usually remove lipstick stains from almost everything.

Starch or not?

We can go both ways – let us know if you like a lot or a little starch for crispness. Or do you like a smooth softer feel instead? Our professionals launder and press shirts and blouses with the finish you like best. Not all shirts are the same and some fabrics need more or less starching, so remember to tell us your preference when bringing them to us.

Cuffs, pro and con.

A man can add style, professionalism and a dressy touch with the right trouser cuffs.  While even jeans can benefit from a simple cuff, tuxedo trousers are always finished plain. Invented in the early part of the 20th century, cuffs protect against damage, fraying, mud and general wear and tear. Today, cuffs on any trousers display a sense of style, even on a laid back pair of twill or chino pants. Our alterations department can add or remove cuffs to order.

Alterations options.

How much can we help when the size isn’t right? Blouse a shirt sleeves can be shortened, collars and cuffs replaced. Moving the collar button a quarter-inch can improve fit. The shoulders and chest are unalterable.  Pants can usually be taken in or let out two to three inches. Shortening legs is easy, lengthening not so.  Of course, the best answer is from our tailoring department. Call for a free consultation.