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Scratch and sniff jeans.

While we’re always in favor of good-smelling clothes, the Portuguese designers at Salsa are selling slim-leg jeans with the scent of blueberry, strawberry, orange or lemon to match their ombré pastel colors. The jeans are embedded with fragrance microcapsules (just like magazine perfume ads) that last up to twenty washes. The skinny jeans are about $60 a pair, plus shipping from Europe. What’s next? Cocktail dresses that smell like martinis?

Job interview for men.

According to the GQ Guide for Shirting, your dress shirt should be a solid color with a straight collar and long sleeves. Patterns, button-downs and short sleeves are just too informal. Wearing a tie adds professionalism, select diagonal “rep” stripes, solids or a tiny pattern. Pants and jacket? Never wrinkled, always clean — that’s our job, and we’re happy to help. Take some time and polish your best shoes, choose dark solid color socks and fill your mind with positive, optimistic thoughts. Good luck!

What color is your rainbow?

Wearing the right color to an interview can influence your chances at a new job. In a recent Fast Company article, your appearance can say more about you than what you say. For instance, navy sends a message of being enterprising, trustworthy, honest and credible, ideal for law or finance. But wrong for a creative position – wear purple to look artistic, yellow to signify optimism and creativity. The worst choice? Orange. Whatever color you choose, you’ll always look your best with our help.

Restore and preserve.

Count on us to keep your keepsakes fresh and protected. Preservation’s not just for bridal gowns, we can help save military uniforms, letter jackets and prom dresses. And restoration by our experts can repair stains, tears and loose seams. We not only keep your everyday wardrobe looking its best, we also help keep heirlooms for the future.

Scared by care tags.

Hand washing may not always be the answer — “dry clean only” may seem like a scare tactic, but the manufacturer has tested the fabric, patterns and styles prior to production; hand washing may cause colors to bleed, styles to alter or the fabric to break down. Ask us to recommend professional dry or wet cleaning to extend the life and looks of your garment.