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The jean jacket.

The denim coat was first seen on 19th century Japanese firemen, marked with bold indigo symbols. By the end of the century, Industrial Revolution factory workers wore blue jackets, source of the phrase “blue collar.” In 1905, Levi’s “Type I” was the choice for rugged workwear. By the 1950’s, Brando, Presley and those crazy beatniks made denim cool. And denim jackets continue to be casual favorites, made better by age and wear. Our care experts can recommend cleaning options that won’t remove the patina.

Club soda, pros and cons.

The stain removing “magic” of club soda works part of the time for part of the stains. It never works on grease or oil. Greasy stains look absorbed and have no “ring.” Never use club soda on fine fabrics like silks. The dyes may bleed and run. Splashing club soda on wine, coffee or colored sodas will loosen and dilute the stain. Blot – never rub – to prevent the stain from bleeding into surrounding areas. And bring the garment to us as soon as possible.

Save the memories.

Everyone has an heirloom item made of fabric. Wedding gowns are such popular heirlooms we offer special preservation services. But the same careful cleaning and archival storage can benefit any textile. Grandmother’s lace tablecloth, Dad’s letter jacket or uniform, antique tapestries or christening gowns. We’ve seen it all and can recommend the right procedures and products to preserve your treasure.

Superbowl Sunday.

It’s time for TV snacks and Superbowl is the ultimate party food event for fans everywhere. We can’t help with the outcome, but we can help get the stains out from salsa explosions, wing sauce drips or out of bounds cheese dip. Don’t give up on stains and spills – no matter who wins the game we can help clean up afterward. You know who we are cheering for, it’s our customers! Go Hawks, Go Patriots, Go Fans!

Watch for wear.

Dress shirts, especially often-worn favorites, can show signs of aging after twenty or thirty wearings. Check your cuffs and collars for signs of wear. If you see darkness at the edges, you’re seeing the interfacing through worn fabric. Don’t forget the elbows. Thinning fabric that’s been stressed by elbow bending can tear or burst, never at a convenient time. You can trust our shirt laundry to keep your business wear working for you as long as possible.