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Extend the life of your investments.

Quality clothing does cost more, but with the right care, the cost-per-wear is lower than cheaper choices. Dry cleaning prolongs the life by removing stains before they oxidize. Soil and dust actually grind into the fabric, acting as an abrasive on the fibers. Our expert finishing team gently presses your garment for a crisp, new look – without danger of glazing from overpressing. Bring us your best and we’ll keep you looking your best.

Make your bed.

After summer’s hot and sweaty nights, it’s time to freshen your nighttime environment. Begin by stripping the bed down to the mattress. If you use a mattress pad, launder (or bring to us) and dry thoroughly, hanging on the line, if you have one. Flip and rotate the mattress. Is it time to replace your pillows? Unless they are very high quality down, it’s usually less expensive to buy new than clean old. Sniff test the winter comforter, blankets or quilts. We can clean them to like-new freshness – even king size is no problem for our machines. Be ready to snuggle up when winter chills arrive.


Ever notice those three letters on almost every zipper? Turns out, they stand for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, the Japanese company that makes 90% of the world’s zippers in 206 factories in 52 countries. They even make the machines that make the zippers. Their largest factory, in Georgia, makes over 7 million zippers every day. Their goal of making the best zippers quickly made them the world leader, following the founder’s philosophy  “No one prospers unless he renders benefit to others.”  Come to think of it, we follow the same rule in our business. We are, however, a lot smaller.

Extreme distress.

Japanese denim brand Zoo is featuring jeans that have been distressed by actual lions, tigers and bears. They wrap creature’s toys in denim, then let nature take its course. The ripped, torn and shredded denim is then turned into some very exclusive, very expensive jeans. You can watch their video at http://youtu.be/oBkqfiN6zJM.

Casual Friday tips for men.

Depending where you work, the rules for “casual” can range from a sportscoat to outright scruffy. Style blog Fashion Beans offers some wise advice. 1. Avoid TMI. Save tight, deep cut or transparent for evenings. 2. Avoid logos, printed T’s, or fashion statements. A discrete polo pony or alligator are fine. 3. Ask. Collars required? Jeans or chinos? Sneakers or loafer? 4. Stretch the rules, don’t break them.  And don’t be a suit and tie Grinch when everyone else is relaxing into casual. Read the whole illustrated article at http://goo.gl/rkWj1s