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Dressy biking.

When the urban commute is by bicycle, carrying an extra set of office clothes can be a drag. So San Francisco designer Parker Dusseau has created a Commuter Suit that breathes, wicks and allows a range of motion while presenting a classic downtown look. They’ve built the suit of Superwool with a touch of spandex and engineered shoulder seams, crotch gussets and button cuffs to make riding comfortable.  They’ve even created a moisture wicking dress shirt to complete the commuting ensemble.

Cotton is king.

Spring and summer wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable without classic cotton. Breathable, long-lasting and easy to clean, cotton’s a staple for every wardrobe, from workwear to sportswear, casual to classy. Yes, cotton will wrinkle (we all do, after a few years) but a few laundry-room tips can help. Try air drying cottons to avoid shrinkage and fading from hot dryers. Mist lightly with water before ironing for a crisp finish. Or let us delight you with drycleaned or laundered cotton cleaning. We make chinos, golf shirts and jeans look crisp and fresh.

Lasting memories.

Preserving treasured garments is a specialty that allows sharing today’s moment with tomorrow. We carefully remove stains, repair damage, clean and archivally package wedding gowns, veils, even gloves. In an easy-to-store package, your memento is safe for the future. And we go beyond bridal, with christening gowns, special event garb, uniforms and textiles. When you want it to last for generations, start with our preservation service. It’s the best way we know to save the happiness forward.

The pleasures of silk.

Long-treasured for its luxurious feel and brilliant colors, silk is still made from the cocoons of silk worms. Natural animal fibers can be tricky to clean, and silk’s reputation for fussiness is well earned. Bright colors can fade, even a drop of perspiration can stain, and the rigors of washing can cause fabric damage, even disintegration. Make the most of your investment, avoid contact with alcohol, alkali or acid products like deodorant, toothpaste or facial cleanser. Never, ever spray perfume on silk and if there is a spill, blot don’t rub. Of course we clean silk. Our spotters, cleaners and finishers are specially trained to provide the special care that silk demands.

A good night’s rest.

If you’ve been lucky enough to sleep in a luxury hotel, you know how wonderful it feels to slide between crisp, clean sheets, lie your head on a fresh pillow and slumber like royalty. Keeping bed linens clean is easy if you have a large capacity front-loading washer (like ours). And our professional finishing is impossible to create at home, no matter how long you iron. We clean pillows, duvets, afghans, shams, quilts, blankets, dust ruffles and sleeping bags.