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Picnic aftermath.

Real Simple has great tips for laundry in their August issue. For ketchup, they recommend using Shout, then lightly scrubbing with a clean toothbrush dipped in white vinegar. For mustard, saturate with white vinegar, then apply dish-soapy water. Spilled beer? Soak in 2 cups cool water with a quarter cup white. Or use the vinegar on a salad and bring everything to our stain experts. We almost always can restore your garments (and household linens) to unstained beauty.

White jeans.

The experts at Elle magazine, http://goo.gl/54gUrG,  believe in keeping your white jeans as clean and bright as they were the first day. They recommend spraying new whites with Scotchguard to protect against stains. Avoid yellowing in the wash by using white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach, and be sure to rinse thoroughly to get all the detergent out. Always dry on low heat, or better yet, air dry. Of course, we’re experts at keeping your jeans, and everything else, clean, crisp and bright.

Swimwear care.

After each use, rinse swimwear in cool tap water to remove sunscreen, sand, sweat and chlorine. To wash after every few wearings, turn the swimsuit inside out and hand wash in the sink, using a few drops liquid detergent in warm water. Gently squeeze the suds through the garment, don’t wring or twist. Rinse well and lay flat to dry. At the end of the season, put your swimwear in a mesh lingerie bag and run through a gentle wash cycle with a mild detergent before storing for next year.

Style tips just for Leos.

Choose dramatic hues like red, gold or black. Your fashion sensibility is informed by your taste for luxury and your need to be the center of attention. To get both, look for bold looks and, if your wallet can stand it, designer labels like Tom Ford. See a whole gamut of tips for every sign at http://goo.gl/Q4lJfB

Science fiction laundry.

Drop a bowling-ball size gizmo into your clothes hamper or laundry basket. First it burrows through the laundry, steaming everything to loosen soil, then it electrostatically sucks the dirt right out of the fabric before blowing hot air through the pile to dry. This futuristic concept from the Electrolux Design Challenge might make the washing machine obsolete. You’ll still have to fold, press and hang your clean clothes. Some things will never change.