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Keep your beauty products on you, not your clothes

According to Cosmopolitan magazine,  lipstick, foundation, and deodorant stains can do a number on your clothes, and so can that spritz of perfume. Most fragrances are alcohol-based, and the alcohol will react with a silk or satin blouse and disrupt the color. The neck’s natural body oils can also discolor the collars of suede and leather garments, so wear a scarf as a buffer.

Is drycleaning really better for my clothes?

Compared to machine washing, dry cleaning does less damage to your clothes in the long-run. Dry-cleaning your clothes will also help them remain soft, fresh, and will ensure that their colors stay intact. Also note that the damage factor also varies from one dry cleaner to the next, depending on the quality of its machines, filters and solvents.
If you’re busy or just hate doing the laundry altogether, then dry cleaning is a great timesaver. It’s also an excellent way to avoid anxiety; you know, worrying about shrinking your favorite sweater to the size of your underwear. Dry cleaners are professionals. We’re aware of all the tricks of the trade and will help you get rid of even the most stubborn stains. We know the different cleaning methods and know which ones actually work.

Turtleneck trends

Even fashion-averse men can look great this fall in a stylish turtleneck. This season it reigns supreme on runways and in fashion layouts (like Esquire). A well-made turtleneck looks good on practically every guy — under a blazer or paired with faded jeans and sneakers. Just because Steve Jobs lived in a black turtleneck doesn’t mean you can’t borrow a little style from the Apple guru.

Out, out darned spot

Our dry cleaning service would be incomplete without our expert spotters.  They know how to treat stains without damaging the fabric, the color or the texture. Home cleaning might work on jeans or a golf shirt, but bring your valued garments to us for prompt treatment when there’s a spill.  Silk just can’t be treated with home products. Can’t. Wool pills with friction, so blot the stain –don’t rub— before bringing it to us. Ink stains are the worst: sometimes we can’t even lift the ink. Real Simple magazine recommends sprinkling salt on the stain, then wipe it up, repeat and apply vodka.  To the spot. Blot and repeat.  Then bring it to us and we’ll see if we can remove what’s left.

Showing the heat?

If the summer heat and humidity have lead to perspiration stains in washable garments, treat the stains with a prewash stain remover, then launder in the hottest water the fabric can stand, using an enzyme detergent and oxygen bleach.  Or bring the weary, stained items and we’ll use professional-strength cleaners and expert stain knowledge to remove the evidence.