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Lace is back.

Every runway, from Dior to Vera Wang, is showing lace for spring/summer 2014.  WWD says, “Whether cutwork, crochet or eyelet, this ancient handiwork takes an au courant chic look for spring.” Dolce and Gabbana contrasts black lace with bright blue in the their cruise collection www.swide.com/?p=307049. Going beyond the typical, graphic mesh inserts and webbed overlays added interest and zing to yet another life for lace. http://goo.gl/pOVGWk

Enzymes to the rescue.

We use enzyme-based premium-quality laundry cleaners that you can’t buy for home use. They’re more expensive and a lot more complicated to use than home products. Enzymes only work in a specific temperature range and require proper equipment to ensure the enzymes are allowed to do their work.  Start here and learn how you can reduce the impact from your home,  http://goo.gl/vIs7O

Room for nostalgia.

Is there room for nostalgia in your closet? Too often, keepsake garments take up valuable space and get crushed in the process. Christening gowns, letter jackets, costumes and ceremonial garb, military dress uniforms, even Grandma’s afghan all crowd available storage. We not only clean and archivally pack wedding gowns, we also preserve baby outfits, prom dresses, Halloween costumes and the occasional Santa suit. Properly packaged, your keepsakes are preserved and ready stack on the shelf.

Green cleaning.

“Green Cleaning” doesn’t mean giving up hard earned greenbacks – we use earth-friendly cleaning products and methods to take care of your clothes and we are able to do it without charging extra. We are locally owned and operated and passionate about saving our neighbors’ money and wardrobe. Trust us to keep you looking good and feeling good about your cleaning choices.

Wash or clean?

Does the label say washable, but the garment looks and feels like it needs dry cleaning? Some manufacturers avoid marking an item as “dry clean only” even though professional cleaning would keep the garment looking and wearing its best, especially when there’s a special finish on the fabric, tricky trim or complex construction. Bring it in and our fabric experts will give you the best advice. Not to mention our unbeatable finishing – not a crease or wrinkle.