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Tailor made solutions

Repair and reuse makes great sense and our alterations department is standing by to fit, cut and rework your favorite pieces. Patch your favorite jeans to keep them going strong, shorten a long skirt into a summer style. Missing buttons on your favorite jacket or broken zipper? We can do that too – as well as making sure your clothes fit. Call ahead and we can schedule a fitting if needed.

(Almost) magic stain removal

We tried out the popular Miss Oops http://goo.gl/xFJjk remover sponge on a few different stains. We tested deodorant, powder and lipstick stains on dark and pink fabric. The light deodorant and makeup stains were lifed, the lipstick remained. The pressure and brisk rubbing needed to remove the remaining greasy residue left shiny patches so be gentle. After the crisis, bring the garment in and let us know what you did – our experts can remove any residue prior to cleaning to help prevent the stain from becoming permanent.

Self cleaning clothes in the future?

Yes you read that right, the Air Force has developed technology that prevents liquids from seeping into clothing and keeps them stain free. But don’t get too excited – this technology is being developed for special uniforms to prevent hazardous materials from penetrating into the fibers. Nasty coffee spills and red wine mishaps aren’t preventable yet, and still require our professional expertise. Read the article and find other neat environmental developments at  http://goo.gl/fjvj4  

Singleton socks?

Here’s an easy way to keep mates together. Take a lesson from pro laundries and wash napkins or socks in mesh bags. Fill the bag half way and secure with a pin or zip, then toss in the machine. Pairs stay matched, and you save time sorting the cleaned clothes. Give your kids their own bag so they do the sorting for you and say goodbye to the elusive sock monster.

It’s never too late to say “I do”

…and get that wedding gown properly cleaned packaged for storage. Whether it’s been 2 months or 20 years, our experts can clean, press and preserve your special gown. Professionally trained to provide appropriate care for rhinestones, beads and lace, our team provides expert care for even the most delicate dress. Before stains oxidize or spread, your treasured garment needs cleaning — before beads yellow, rhinestones dull, and champagne and cake frosting stains turn brown and dingy. Bring the veil, too. You’d hate to see what happens to makeup on lace over time.