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Now you can wear pineapple

Did you do a double take when you read “pina” on your new fashion find? Pineapple plants are leading the way in a new eco-friendly textile. It is strong, longwearing and easier to clean than silk. It’s soft and luxurious, yet durable and can stand up to even the most intricate of designs. This great fabric is used in everything from ceremonial attire and silky dresses to home décor and accessories. Primarily cultivated in Hawaii and the Philippines, this great textile is finally making its way into the mainstream fashion world, and our professional staff is trained in how to keep it looking great year after year.

Lie Sang Bong debuts flirty fashion

Looking for a fun designer this summer? Butterflies mixed with bold solid colors and clean classic lines have hit the runway for 2013 summer season. Brave enough to look beyond the common fashion names? Check out Lie Sang Bong’s great collection, debuted in Paris this year. It features traditional avant-garde flair you expect from the runway mixed with wearable fashions for any body type. Long skirts in fun mixed prints, flirty dresses perfect for daytime summer events and evening fun are just a few of the great designs she showcases in her collection. Which piece is your favorite? http://youtu.be/RRUlPJqIgI0

Travel tips for the unwrinkled

Traveling this summer and want to keep your clothes from wrinkling? Let us deliver your shirts folded, which makes packing a breeze and they won’t wrinkle during the trip. For the rest of your items, use the plastic from your cleaning to separate folds. The plastic reduces fabric friction and prevents wrinkling in your suitcase. The plastic is handy for dirty or wet clothes on your return trip.

Leave your sports stains to the pros

Summer sports are a great way for kids and adults alike to get out and enjoy the sun. But what happens when you get grass stains, mud splatters and tears to your favorite jersey? Washing at home can set the stains and permanently ruin your sports gear. Lucky for your gear, we are waiting at home plate to knock those stains out of the park. Our professional cleaning is made to get those nasty stains out before they set so bring them to us after the big game, so you will be ready to hit the field for that next fun game. We can mend little tears and rips or professionally apply patches for your team.

Avoid the summertime closet cram

Summer is a great time to organize your closet. Move bulky items to the back so you can easily find your summer must-have fashions. But remember, color coordinating is key –dark items will lose dye naturally as they sit in your closet, and lighter items next to them end up with the stain. It is called “fume fading” and it is the culprit for light coats looking discolored when you take them out of the closet after summer storage. Put your clothes in color order, dark to light, in order to prevent them from fume fade damage, and use dry cleaning bags to cover dark items for added protection until it is time to wear them again.