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Earth Day is Monday the 22nd

We’re in the business of cleaning, and we use Earth-friendly methods and products to make sure we’re not harming the environment while providing professional dry and wet cleaning. Our professional cleaning equipment is state of the art and we use cleaning agents that are safe for the environment — safer than most supermarket products.  

The 3 R’s for Earth Day

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?  Family-owned and operated, we take the four R’s of sustainability seriously for our community: reuse, repurpose, reclaim and recycle.  Here’s a clever way to reuse wire hanger at home: http://www.make-stuff.com/recycling/hangers.html

Turn down the heat

To get more life from home washables, air dry or use a no heat setting on your dryer. High heat and over-drying damage most fabric fibers and weaken construction. What is dry enough? Clothes should feel a little moist coming out of the dryer. Cotton fibers have a 6% natural moisture level — if you overdry they just reabsorb moisture from the air. Take them out a little damp and hang in fresh air for final drying to avoid shrinkage and fading that tend to happen in the last 15% of dryer time. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor hanging space, your clothes will dry naturally, smell fresh and lose a couple of wrinkles from a relaxing hang in the breeze.

From tux to luxe

This summer Lanvin combines classic tuxedo design with sexy silhouettes and cut-outs for the woman taking a night out on the town. This edgy collection features a mix and match of aesthetics with dark monochromatic colors. Added flair makes each piece stand out – rhinestones, cowboy boots and belts are just a few of the trends. Watch the runway show at http://youtu.be/5AL11pi-aak

Archival storage for heirloom garments

Did you know we preserve more than just wedding gowns? Specialty linens and homemade afghans are just two of the precious things we can clean and package for long-term storage. Don’t forget christening and ceremonial gowns, vintage clothing and treasured letter jackets. For true archival preservation, garments should never be wrapped in anything but neutral pH tissue and archival fiber. Air flow is important – and plastics can off-gas destructive chemicals. Keep your heirlooms properly stored for generations of joy.