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Pillow talk.

Lumpy, flat, sour smelling? Your every-night bed partners may need rejuvenation. Are your favorite down pillows at the end of their life?  Bring us your down and feather pillows for cleaning and reticking. We remove the feathers, sanitize and refluff them, add more feathers, then put them in a new case.  With a cost ranging from $10-$25, depending on the service, its an affordable way to save your best pillows year after year.  Non-down pillows? If they don’t fit in your machine (and most don’t), use our laundry service.

Easy and accessible, fashion for everyday.

Love fun fashion but hate emptying your bank each season for a new wardrobe?  Volume retailers are making it easy and affordable to look great every season. H&M specializes in the newest trends at low prices.  Check out their spring lookbook and pick from bold stripes, leather rock n roll details, zippers, metallic fabrics and retro flowing designs and prints. They’ve captured all of this spring’s trends at very, very low price points.   http://youtu.be/Q2Uatw37KZU

Laundry piled up?

Looking for a way to spoil that special someone at home? Did too many houseguests and events get your laundry room overflowing?  Catch up with the chores while still enjoying the springtime sunshine and give yourself a little break once in a while and splurge.  Ask about wash and fold service for your basic laundry.  With a low per pound price, sheet, towels, comforters, and your everyday clothes will come back clean and folded.

Wedding bells in the future?

Wedding planners suggest you arrange cleaning and preservation of your gown two weeks before the ceremony.  Our professional staff will care for your gown and expertly package it for long-term storage.  Not sure if you are going to save your gown or sell it? Gowns that have been professionally cleaned and preserved bring a higher price than those left ‘as worn.’ We’re ready to help with cleaning, pressing and last minute alterations for everyone in the wedding party.

The perfect fit (or hemming and hawing).

Jeans that fit like a dream are hard to find. So when you shop, focus on the body fit, and don’t worry about the length. Our alterations department will have you hemmed to the perfect length in no time.  If you want to retain the showroom look, ask for an original hem. Rather than cutting off the bottom and sewing a new hem, we can cleverly hide the extra fabric and move the original factory hem to a new shorter length.