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Odor outers

Are smelly stains making you wrinkle your nose every time you lay down on your pillowcase or wipe your mouth with your napkin? Did you forget a load of laundry in the washing machine and now it smells like mildew? Or did the dog lay on your favorite blanket and all you smell is wet dog even after its been washed? Well, take a trick out of grandma’s playbook and break out the vinegar – Mix ½ cup of white vinegar with the detergent and water then add the items into the machine. Vinegar helps erase the smell and can prevent color bleeding at the same time.

Sustainable fashion, is it possible?

Are you wondering what sustainable or eco friendly fashion really is? Well don’t feel bad, sorting through all the labeling and catch phrases isn’t easy. Look for designers and brands that see the whole picture – where they source fabrics, where the factories are, and who is actually crafting the clothes. Find out more about this breaking trend in fashion and meet ten designers with standards and practices you can support. Check out this article and see who you want to support with your next earth friendly fashion purchase. http://wp.me/p10KcK-11UR

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather flock together – keep that in mind before attempting home laundering down comforters, vests or pillows. The delicate loft inside will clump up during your machine washing cycle and you will lose the soft fluff which makes down soft and warm. Bring your down items to us for professional cleaning. Our expert staff is trained to properly care for your delicate down and feather items and ensure your comfort stays fluffy and fresh year after year.

Winter storage

Now that you have spring cleaning under your belt, it’s time to put away those bulky winter blankets and comforters until next winter. Comforters and blankets are too big even for the large machines to wash at home. Bring them to us for cleaning. They will not only come back cleaner from our high capacity professional cleaning machines, we will also return them in convenient bags, expertly folded, making storage a snap.

Which suit suits you for summer?

Retro style swimwear is making a splash for summer. Bright solid colors in cinched designs with back and side cut outs make finding a perfect fit easier for every body type. With hints of last summer, like metal details and animal print cover ups, this season brings a flirty fun aspect we haven’t seen for years. Ruffled tops, skirted bottoms and beaded ties are just a few of the touches popping up in Nicolita’s Miami swimwear show at http://youtu.be/6pl-QLVCyJI