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Button, button, who’s got the button

Broken buttons are the most common damage to shirts, sweaters and blazers – but specialty buttons are not easy to replace. Save the extra buttons stitched into new clothes. That way you don’t run the risk of having to replace them all if one or two begin to crack. If it is a favorite fashion piece, check out a local fabric store and find buttons that are similar, or if you are lucky, the same and buy them right away. That will prevent you from going on the hunt the next season when one breaks, and you will rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. And remember, snazzy new buttons can dress up old sweaters and shirts – bring them to our alterations department for replacement in a jiffy.

The missing care instructions

Are you trying to figure out the best way to clean a tie, hat or handbag, but can’t find  the care label? Manufacturers are not required to put care labels on items such as those because they are not considered “washable.” Bring them to us for expert evaluation: we can clean most fabric and leather without a problem, and our staff will be able to assess the item prior to cleaning to determine if there may be an issue. Often trim decorations can be tricky, but we’re almost always able to find a good cleaning solution.

To crease or not to crease…

To crease or not to crease—flat front pants are taking a turn this fashion season and are being manufactured with a crease, which was commonly reserved for pleated pants in the past. Do you want to get into the style, and crease your existing pants? In order to create a long-lasting crease, the clothes are thermo-shocked, basically breaking the fabric threads at the crease line. After a while, you will notice a lighter color due to dye loss and micro-fraying that makes the damage more dramatic with every laundering. Avoid thermo-shocking your old favorite pants or jeans, and buy a new pair with creases to keep up with the current styles.

Pick your new palette

Do you want to know what are the must have colors every season? Designers grab their colors up to a year before the season, and set the stage for what you will be seeing in all your stores. The Color Solutions International website is a great place to sneak a peek at what colors are trending for what seasons, male or female. This summer it’s all about bold bright colors and soft metallic hues for both men and women. Don’t shy away from pinks and reds, or bright greens and blues this year when finding your next fashion must have. Check out the color guide here to find the color of your summer style.  http://www.colorsolutionsinternational.com/Spring—Summer-2013-Runway.cfm#.UX7CbbWG2So

Beachy tips

Want to hit the pool or beach but not sure what the summer swimsuit trends are? Pastel colors are making a splash this year. Look for bold cool patterns and flirty-skirted suits to bring out that feminine fun. Domani showcased the new style for the summer perfectly in their Milan 2013 runway show this year – from flower necklines to bold suit covers, they give a sampling of suits that will inspire your next must-have summer suit. And unlike last year, one-pieces are making a comeback – sleek and smooth, they accentuate the beauty in all women. http://youtu.be/oKrWiEuaGkg