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Rodeo driving.

High fashion is going to the ranch this year, and denim is the focal point.  Retro jean skirts and shirts with a western flair are popping up all over the runway, and it’s never been so acceptable to match a vintage denim work piece with a sharp clean skirt or shirt.  Start by combing local vintage stores then match your finds with new items to really turn heads.  DKNY takes denim, clean white and metallic fabrics to a whole new level in the 2013 summer runway show. See how she layers denim on denim and pairs a classy skirt with a classic western shirt at http://youtu.be/TP-Bol-nmgc

Wax on, wax off.

Removing candle drips from table linens is often easier than you’d guess. Remove the tablecloth and freeze it. That’s right, the cold will make the wax brittle and if it doesn’t just pop off the cloth, scrape with a credit card.  Now just treat the spot with stain remover, like Shout!, and toss it in the wash to remove any greasy residue. We can do it all for you, and often can do it better with professional spot removal procedures. Or you can always buy dripless candles.

Shirtdress snags

Shirtdresses are more prone to snag or stretch out after just a few wears.  As you move, sit and bend throughout the day the dress takes all of the tension, and can show snags across the back from arm to arm, straight across the bust and along the seat area. If you spend more time sitting than standing, the wear will be even more noticeable. Choose shirtdresses made of sturdy fabrics instead of thin silky styles to get the most wear out of these fashion must have’s.

Feeling a little rock n roll?

Is your fashion style retro, rock n roll or rebellious?  Get ready to have your senses shocked and your fashion rocked with Betsey Johnson’s spring/summer 2013 line.  With her trademark boundary-pushing fashion styles that have made statements since Carrie Bradshaw turned heads on Sex and the City, Betsey does not disappoint this year.  Instead, she takes you on a trip down memory lane with iconic fashion pieces dedicated to each of the past decades, starting with the 60’s. If you aren’t afraid of bold fashion and want your inner diva jump in delight, watch the runway show at http://youtu.be/C0Zm0-c7wIA

Dull duds

Do your clothes look dull after you take them out of the wash? Home laundry products often react with hard water and leave residue behind that builds up on your clothes.  Combat the dinge with baking soda. Mix ¼ to ½ cup into the water before you add detergent or clothes. The baking soda softens the water and prevents any chemical reaction between your laundry detergent, your clothes and the water.