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The rarest wool on Earth.

The rarest wool on Earth. Once the exclusive pleasure of Incan royalty, the silky wool from the Peruvian vicuña is the ultimate in luxury. Loro Piana is the major maker of vicuña garments, and a simple scarf is about $4,000. A jacket costs more than $20,000. The fabric is unbelievably light and soft, and those who can afford the best enjoy vicuña sweaters, robes, scarves and overcoats. Read more from the Wall Street Journal at http://goo.gl/MS7MvG. And rest assured, we’re ready to clean your vicuña, cashmere, lambswool or flannel.

Join us in honoring our Veterans this Monday.

Not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

We’re proud of their service to our country and thankful for the protection they provide for our American way of life. Let’s remember to thank those who serve, those who sacrifice, and their families. Take a moment and visit the “A Nation Gives Thanks” page on Facebook, http://on.fb.me/1cZVM17, and leave your own message of thanks.

Tweed isn’t just for English professors anymore.

The classic woolen fabric is looking modern in slimmed-down menswear jacket and coats this winter. Rough Harris tweed is hand-woven, Donegal’s known by its thick slubs of woven-in colored yarns, and Herringbone is the most classic with its V-shaped parallel lines. Plush modern tweeds aren’t itchy or hot and look great with a classic white shirt and crisp blue jeans.

Last minute Halloween ideas.

Buy or borrow a white chef’s hat, tie an apron on and fill the pockets with kitchen tools like a ladle, spatula and wooden spoons. Carry a steam iron and voila, you’re the Iron Chef. Wear your favorite pajamas, stick a thermometer in your mouth, hold an ice pack to your head: you’re Sick and Tired. See more cute and quick costume ideas in this month’s Real Simple magazine. Or check out Glam.com video at http://youtu.be/SZtCSix9I4g for some with-it fashionable ideas.


Halloween’s not so scary. You’d be surprised how many costumes we clean every year. Before you jump into that skeleton suit or Godzilla’s bridal gown from last year, let us make sure it’s clean and fresh. Need ideas? Here’s a fun Pinterest page with everything from black Jell-O shots to puppy costumes. NBhttp://goo.gl/4eiHW6