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Big game blues

Did someone spill big game snacks on your favorite game gear? Have no fear, even if your team didn’t win we can save the day, whether it’s mustard, alcohol or cheese – but we have to get it fast.  Don’t let tricky stains set into the fabric.  Dye-based stains will absorb and distort the colors, and sugar-based spills will oxidize and leave a haloed dingy stain that deepens over time (even when you don’t see anything).  And as hard as it is to resist, don’t try to get the stain out yourself.  Pressure from rubbing, abrasion from scratching, and chemical reactions between what you use to clean and the stain itself can all cause permanent damage.

Winter coat bubbling over?

Is your favorite coat looking rippled? Modern outerwear is often constructed using adhesive to bond outside and inside layers, adding shape and form without bulk.  Time, wear and exposure to the elements can break down the adhesive, creating a bubbled, rippled appearance.  We see this effect most often at high-stress areas— shoulders, elbows, bust and waist — where you stretch and bend. Sadly, this condition can’t be repaired or prevented. Even a wrinkly coat is still warm — give it to a local charity.

Want another trick for dryer sheets?

Cut out the spray chemicals when trying to prevent bugs from biting while outside – instead, stash a dryer sheet in your pockets – it acts as a repellant without putting anything on your skin. Layer dryer sheets between stacks of folded linens in your closet – the fresh scent will help keep prevent stale “closet smell.” Static in your hair? Smooth a dryer sheet over your locks to immediately erase that static fray. If you have any left, throw one in the dryer with your next load to soften and fluff.

Eco-friendly fashion

Mother Earth is thanking the fashion industry this year – why you ask? The past year has brought more recognition about the importance of sustainable fashion choices.  Bamboo and linen/flax (the oldest known fabric ) are making a comeback and are easily created.  Wools are back in the good graces of even the most sensitive of skin types, and scientists are creating new sustainable textiles that are made to last and help reduce waste (last years big hit was milk fabric, what will 2013’s be?) And guess what? many eco-friendly choices are also made by local companies – helping the economy of your city.

Green up the new year

Save the planet, one item at a time – let us know if you want to help us reduce this new year.  Ask us to fold your sweaters and shirts – they will be returned in a recyclable paper bag in a group instead of multiple hangers and packaging for each item. Small steps lead to long journeys – do you have a great tip for how you reduce? Share it here.